12/20/2013 Favorite tracks of 2013

Haven't been using this blog for a while (still trying to find a replacement), but I thought it would be a good place to share my favorite music of 2013. It was a bit hard to pick favorites since there was so much released this year, and I'm sure I'm forgetting about some deserving albums & tracks, but here are 10 tracks that stuck with me throughout the year (I'll make an album list tomorrow):

> (Ghost) - Endless Roads | from "Departure" (n5md)
This whole album was a nice surprise, but this track really stood out to me. Nice flowing track with gentle glitches and soft sounds.

> Ben Q Best - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGVQJKgqgY8 | from "Moonlets/Ben Q Best" (Hel)
Full disclosure: I helped edit this track, and my label released the album it's from. It's a mix of live & studio recordings that turned out really special.

> DJ Rashad - I Don't Give A Fuck | from "Double Cup" (Hyperdub)
Extremely powerful track, and probably the pinnacle of Chicago footwork thus far. Top notch on every level.

> Ill Clinton - Cool | from "Illanta"
Great production & samples. All around solid track that I kept coming back to. Available to stream/download here.

> Karl Bartos - Rhythmus | from "Off The Record" (Bureau B)
Not really a spectacular track, but it was definitely memorable and noteworthy for fans of Kraftwerk. Sounds like something that could have happened between Computer World & Electric Cafe.

> Steven Price - The Void | from "Gravity" (Watertower)
The Gravity soundtrack had a few nice tracks. This one in particular was very effective & striking during the film.

> Traxman - 2200 Acid | from "Teklife Vol. 3: The Architek" (Lit City Trax)
Hectic blend of 2 signature Chicago sounds. True future music. Stream here.

> Yung Simmie - Lowkey | from "Basement Musik"
Great track from probably my favorite mixtape this year. Stream/download here.

> FunkinEven - Dreams | from "Dreams Of Coke" (Apron)
Simple track with the right mix of funk, glitch, and haze.

> Not Waving - Nemrut Dagi | from "Umwelt" (Ecstatic)
Very moving spacey track with nice sounds throughout.



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