7/03/2011 about IV/XI

With the new recording out, I figured I should write some liner notes for it.

This recording was made between April and June of 2011 in my current bedroom studio in Orem, Utah. During this time I was also taking photographs in the Uinta National Forest, which was a major inspiration. Much thanks to Kari, Ben, Jordan, Davis, Ikumi, Sean, and Tom for their help. Equipment used: Casiotone MT-68, Nanoloop 2.3, Korg ER-1, Korg ES-1, Korg DW-8000, theramin, DIY noisebox, Alesis Micron.

I was listening to Edgar Froese's Stuntman album and heard a very striking part, which I immediately sampled. That part epitomized the musical direction I intended to go in, and it became the intro and basis for the entire song.

Similar to Lonely (on the 12/10 recording), I made this by cutting and looping very small sections of a vocal track from Kit, Über Kit. It's a very fun way to make music. JP Haynie's two guitar tracks in the second half do a very nice job of closing the melody of the song.

2019 I
I wanted to have an intro for the song that became 2019 II and this was the result. This was partially inspired by the computer music being made around the year 2000 (from the likes of tbtmo & n5md). Ben Best added two ambient tracks on this one.

2019 II
I made this song relatively quickly as filler for a show I was about to play. I got a lot of good feedback about it so I decided to record it. It's based around a looped improvised casio part (the same part one octave lower can be heard in 2019 I).

2019 III
This is the oldest song on the album. It was made just before my spring 2010 tour, but has only been played live once. It is somewhat similar melodically to the Blade Runner End Titles theme, which is also the basis for the 2019 title. This was made with nanoloop 2.3 and a Korg DW-8000.

A simple song built around a gradually shifting sequence. Ben Best added two ambient parts, and The Boy Who Could Fly added four guitar tracks at the end. I originally had more melodies and harmonies going on, but decided to strip it down and use Kari & Ben's parts as the main focus.

This song is probably my favorite on the album. It has just the right amount of simplicity, and I think the filtered noise really adds a lot to the song. The main synth sequence makes me think of light being filtered through trees.

This song is the conclusion of the voyage through space started by my 12/10 recording. The field recording is from my backyard after a storm.



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